You have a choice at least three times a day on how to nourish your body so that it may function at its highest potential.  I believe in Food As Medicine.  Food could be your first line of defense against all disease.  I can help guide you to choose the foods that will help you achieve your health goals, as well as which foods are detrimental to them.  


I am strong supporter of eating organic, unprocessed, local foods.  I want you to feel empowered to choose foods that enhance your well-being.  My philosophy of “eat what you like, avoid what you don’t” makes it easy to incorporate Food As Medicine into your lifestyle. 


Pears: quench thirst, calm the heart, good for the lungs, relieve restlessness, detoxifies, dissolves mucus, relieves cough.


Health Tip: Eat a tablespoon a day of LOCAL, unheated, raw honey to treat allergies. Check your local Farmer’s Market for high quality, local honey.