"But I'm afraid of needles..."

Of course you are! The needles you have probably experienced at the doctor’s office were quite scary.  They are large and unpleasant. 

Acupuncture needles are nothing like that.  I promise.  You can actually fit about 15 acupuncture needles inside one traditional hypodermic needle.  The acupuncture needle itself is no thicker than a strand of hair.


I have worked with small children who were terrified of needles only to then say, “is that all?”


If you are still hesitant, don’t let that stop you- there are many needle-free options where you can still achieve tremendous benefits.


“I had a health crisis that centered around my digestion about three months ago, and Western medicine had no answers for me.  They never asked me about my diet or lifestyle and sent me home with a no explanation and some drug recommendations.  I felt hopeless, scared and defeated.  A friend recommended energy healing and acupuncture, and I rejected the idea.  'I'm so scared of needles!'  About a week later, I ended up in Carmen's office.  She was so kind and responsive over email that I had to meet her.  Within minutes of entering her office, I felt welcome and safe.  She is so attentive and present, a truly gifted listener.  One of her first questions was, 'What do you eat?' and asked about my past and my lifestyle.  She is so thorough and understands the idea of the mind, body and Spirit connection that encompasses 'health.'  I was almost too scared to try needles during the first session, but after talking with her and getting to know her, I had to try it... and I LOVED it.  She gave me a clear explanation of what was happening and her full attention was devoted to me.  I never once felt that she wasn't fully present.  She's a very special woman, acupuncturist and energy healer.  I would recommend her to anyone (especially people who are afraid of needles!).  Thank you Carmen for letting your innate talents, gifts and abilities for healing guide you to healing others.  I'm so grateful you're in my life.” - KW, Writer, Pacific Palisades