The short answer is YES!  Because of its ability to balance the body, acupuncture can help treat a number of ailments.  It actually helps facilitate your body’s own healing process, strengthen the immune system and leave you feeling more energized on a daily basis.  


For those of you not currently suffering from a specific ailment, regular acupuncture treatments are still an extremely useful form of preventative medicine.  As we all know, our day to day lives can take a toll on our health from stress, lack of sleep, imperfect diet, lack of exercise, etc.  Getting regular acupuncture treatments can help maintain your daily optimal health and prevent illness down the line.  


Prevention is the best medicine!



Some of the conditions Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can treat are:


EMOTIONAL - anxiety/stress, motivation/will power, anger/worry, depression/grief, overwhelm, panic attacks


ADDICTIONS - Drugs/alcohol, food/sugar/caffeine, smoking, Addiction Recovery Support


PAIN - Back/neck/foot/ankle/shoulder, headaches


DIGESTIVE ISSUES - constipation/diarrhea, acid reflux/GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome


IMMUNE SYSTEM - Frequent Colds, Fatigue, Insomnia, Allergies


GYNECOLOGICAL ISSUES - Amenorrhea/Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Periods, Easing Pregnancy Symptoms, Infertility/Boosting Fertility (both men and women), IVF/IUI Support, PMS/PMDD